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Comic Reflections #153: Super-Team Family!

On this episode, Jeff and I discuss Super-Team Family #5,7,10.

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Comic Reflections #73: Silver Age ‘Marvel Tales’ + The Shadow & ‘Showcase’ at DC

On this Episode, Jeff and I discuss some great Spider-Man and Thor stories, plus some not-so-great Human Torch and Wasp stories as reprinted in Marvel Tales #6,10,11, THEN we tackle Charlton’s ‘Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #30, DC’s take on the Shadow (#11-12), A great Aquaman tale from Showcase #32, fabulous King Faraday (by Infantino!) reprints from ‘Danger Trail’ in Showcase #51, and a showstopping issue of the Spectre (#3) illustrated by Neal Adams, guest-starring the Wildcat!

#63 Comic Reflections 11.17.13 Justice league JSA John Carter (mp3 below)

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Justice League of America #110,111
John Carter Warlord of Mars #3,6
Jungle Action #2,3,4
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. #6