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Comic Reflections #78: Spidey vs Green Goblin, Superboy meets Mon-El, and much more!

On this episode, Jeff and I Discuss some more classic Spidey, Thor and Human Torch stories as reprinted in Marvel Tales #18,21, hang with Adam Strange in Strange Adventures #242, gab about Superboy’s first meetings with Mon-El (#89), and Kid Psycho (#125), and Batman teams up with The Flash and Metamorpho in Super DC Giant #16.

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Comic Reflections #76: EVEN MORE Silver Age Spidey & Thor + Science Fiction from Dell and DC!

On this episode, Jeff and I revisit Silver Age Spider-Man, Thor, Ant-Man, and the Human Torch as reprinted in ‘Marvel Tales’ #4, 17, then we control the vertical AND the horizontal in Dell Comics ‘the outer Limits’ #1, Sell your soul just like Wally Wood and Steve Ditko’s ‘Stalker’ (#2), Then we hang with the Unknown Soldier and Lt. Steve Savage in ‘Star-Spangled War Stories’ #160. PLUS, cool adventures with ‘Steel, the Indestructible Man’ (#1), Animal Man, and Adam Strange! (Strange Adventures #201, 237).